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Treatment for Trigger Finger Available in Houston, TX

Trigger Finger Houston TX

Trigger finger is a condition in which a finger gets stuck in a bent position as a result of the tendon of a finger swelling beyond the point that it can fit through the tunnels, or pulleys, that surround the tendon. The increased size of the tendon restricts its movement and causes friction against the pulley, thus causing pain with range of motion, and sometimes causing the finger to get stuck, lock, and/or pop when it finally gets free. When this ailment occurs, it is important to seek medical treatment from a physician specializing in hand conditions. Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas operates several convenient facilities in Houston, Texas, where our team of highly experienced board-certified and/or fellowship-trained hand surgeons can diagnose and treat trigger finger and many other finger, hand, and wrist conditions.

Trigger finger is most commonly seen in women and in individuals over the age of 40. Other risk factors that have been linked to this condition include having a history of diabetes, gout, or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as having a hobby or job that involves repetitive or prolonged gripping.

The progression of trigger finger symptoms may involve:

  • Finger stiffness
  • A bump on the palm at the base of the finger
  • A popping or clicking sound when bending the finger
  • The finger catching in the bent position before being able to straighten again
  • The inability to straighten the finger after it is bent (in very severe cases)

Treatment for early symptoms of trigger finger often involves taking over-the-counter pain relievers, splinting the finger, and doing stretching exercises. However, when conservative methods are ineffective or the condition is more severe, hand specialists may recommend steroids, a traditional open trigger release, or a minimally invasive endoscopic trigger release.

At Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas, our preferred method of treatment is an endoscopic trigger release. When this minimally invasive surgery is indicated, our specialists utilize this technique to release the constricted tissue. Endoscopic trigger release is an excellent alternative to standard open surgery as it does not usually require sutures – one of the reasons behind its high patient satisfaction rate. We perform this treatment onsite, providing our patients with all of their hand care services in a single, convenient location.

If you’re suffering from symptoms of trigger finger, contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas today. We will make an appointment for you to meet with an experienced hand doctor at one of our centers in Houston, TX.


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