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Gout Treatment Available in Houston, TX, by Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas

Gout Treatment Houston TX

Individuals in need of treatment for gout of the hand or wrist can turn to Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas in Houston. Our team of fellowship-trained hand surgeons specializes in diagnosing and treating complex conditions that can affect the hand, including gout.

Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in the blood and creates crystal-like structures that accumulate. It is associated with several risk factors and most commonly seen in individuals who:

  • Are male and between the ages of 30 and 50
  • Have a diet high in meat and fructose
  • Are obese
  • Have high blood pressure or metabolic syndrome
  • Have heart or kidney diseases
  • Have a family history of gout
  • Take hypertension medications

Symptoms of gout include sudden and intense attacks of pain, heat, and swelling at the affected joint. If you experience symptoms of gout in your hand or wrist, you can consult a hand specialist to receive a diagnosis and treatment. Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offers diagnosis and gout treatment for individuals in and around Houston, TX. Treatment for gout typically includes medications, such as anti-inflammatory pain medications, colchicine, or corticosteroids, to treat acute attacks. Medications that prevent the buildup of uric acid may also be prescribed to prevent future gout attacks.

If you’re suffering from gout or experiencing symptoms that affect your hand or wrist, contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas today to schedule an appointment at one of our Houston, TX, offices. We provide treatment for gout and other hand conditions so that our patients can find the relief they need.


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