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Claw Hand Information for Patients in Houston, TX

Claw Hand Houston TX

Claw hand, also called ulnar claw, is one of the many conditions you can have treated in Houston, Texas, by Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas. We are the largest private hand care practice in the area, and our team of highly experienced physicians specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions and injuries that affect the hands, fingers, and wrists. We’ll help determine what hand ailment is causing your symptoms and provide you with individualized treatment options that meet your needs.

Claw hand is a condition in which the hand becomes curved or bent in a claw-like position. While the condition may be present at birth, many people develop it later in life as a result of nerve damage or scarring from burns in the lower arm and hand area. If you notice your hand and fingers becoming curved, it’s best to consult a physician for diagnosis and treatment. At Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas in Houston, TX, we use several advanced diagnostic tests, including electromyographies to test for nerve damage.

Treatment for claw hand may involve:

  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises to improve the strength and mobility of the hand
  • A splint or brace to rest the hand, keep the wrist straight, and help prevent further injury

In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remedy symptoms of claw hand, particularly if ligaments, muscles, or nerves have been damaged. Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offers minimally invasive surgery that can often be performed in our offices as an outpatient procedure.

If you believe you may be developing claw hand, or any other condition that affects your hand or wrist, contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas today. We offer same-day appointments and accept most major insurance plans, helping to put quality hand care within reach for everyone in the greater Houston, TX, area.


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