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Broken Finger Information for Residents of Baytown, TX

Broken Finger Baytown TX

If you believe you may have a broken finger, you can visit Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas for an accurate diagnosis and reliable treatment. Our private hand care practice features several offices conveniently located throughout the greater Houston area, and we welcome patients from Baytown, Texas, and other nearby towns.

A broken finger is the result of an injury that causes one or more finger bones to fracture. Symptoms include pain at the location of the fracture, swelling, stiffening, and bruising. In some cases, the finger may also appear visibly deformed. Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas specializes in treating broken fingers and other ailments that affect the fingers, hands, and wrists. When you visit one of our offices near Baytown, TX, you can expect:

  • Prompt attention – We offer immediate appointments so that you can receive prompt medical attention. Our offices feature diagnostic equipment so that we can provide you with an accurate and detailed diagnosis. Your hand specialist will likely perform a physical examination and an X-ray to determine the extent of your broken finger.
  • On-site treatment – We provide many treatment options on-site, including some urgent care services that can save you a trip to the emergency room. Treatment for a broken finger depends on the extent of the injury. It may involve taping the affected finger to an adjacent finger, or a splint or cast may be necessary to align and immobilize your finger. In some cases, surgery may be required before splinting or casting the finger. Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas offers minimally invasive options at our offices as well.

Contact Hand Surgery Specialists of Texas today to schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing symptoms of a broken finger. We accept most major insurance plans and welcome patients from Baytown, TX, and other surrounding communities.


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